‘Time To Heal’ by The Fishes And I

Healing is a process that’s almost always important in the process of moving forward. Having open mental wounds is something that has a tendency to hold us back from our full potential. The Fishes And I explore this concept of healing within their track aptly named ‘Time To Heal.’ It specifically explores this in terms of struggling with mental health after the breaking up of marriage.

In ‘Time To Heal,’ The Fishes And I take guitar sounds from the early 90’s and blend them together with vocals that are nothing short of catchy and melodic. The guitar definitely takes some spotlight on this track with succinctly played lines that require tons of skill and speed to pull off. The drums precisely carry the beat, and the dark tones of the bass pull everything together. ‘Time To Heal’ is produced and created in a way that pulls a twang of grunge into the melodic rock sound.

‘Time To Heal’ follows the story of two characters both working through their mental health after experiencing divorce. One of the main phrases repeated throughout the song is, “ If you take the time to heal then you’ll learn to love again.” The music video compliments this message following the story of these two characters. When they meet in the music video the tone calms down and the lyrics change to a repetitive, “Ooh, you will find love.” Even though it’s a tale of mental health, it’s mostly a tale of working through those darker feelings and allowing yourself to grow. 

The Fishes And I is a Southend, Essex-based D.I.Y. Four-piece band that has been around since 2014. It consists of vocalist and guitarist Tug, bassist Luke MacKenzie, lead guitarist Steve Roberts and drummer Sean Mahon. ‘Time To Heal’ is the first single off a new project with plans to release a new single each month until there aren’t anymore songs left to record and produce. The Fishes and I have also released the second track in this string of singles, ‘Killed More Than I’ve Cured.’

Written by Sage Plapp





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