“Vincent Dylan ” by AI

“As we ride the wave and crash into oblivion, let “Vincent Dylan” carry you away.” Newest track from AI, “Vincent Dylan” is a tribute to the broad spectrum of human feelings. When listening to “Vincent Dylan” they urge current and future listeners to dance through the push and the pull of opposing emotions: jealousy and betrayal; love and connection.

AI is a synth-pop duo based in Austin, TX that consists of Bobby Cheatham and writer Liz Feezor, they describe themselves as the soundtrack for the range of human emotions and the ubiquitous influence that technology has on the world.

You’re quick to make a joke about your mom or dad when catch them in the living room dancing to the classics but truth is everyone loves a good synth and it makes you want to do that slow dance when you close your eyes and move your shoulders like no one is watching. AI combines sweet sweet lyrics with a beautiful synth to create that magical song that is “Vincent Dylan”. This is the song for all ages, genres, sexes, it does not matter, the uniqueness of “Vincent Dylan” is what keeps everyone hooked.

AI has gained a mass following on Spotify and it is clear why, with a nostalgic yet refreshing tune and meaningful lyrics, they can quickly capture your hearts. Once you listen to “Vincent Dylan” and their other hits you will become hooked. They have all singles released on Spotify and if you live in the Austin, TX area you must come see their live performance on November 2nd at Hotel Vegas.

“She left us for Vincent Dylan.” – AI

Written by Jaye Maverick





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