“Pea Roll Along” by Tired Cossack

Every song seems as simple as can be on the surface, but digging deeper can oftentimes lead to learning something new. With “Pea Roll Along” from Tired Cossack you may wonder what in the world? A song about a vegetable that makes pot pie pop with flavor? Well, it’s more than that. It pays homage to this one-man band’s Ukrainian heritage while intertwining sounds from the past with modern ways. 

In Ukraine, if you saw the cover art from “Pea Roll Along” and read “Kotyhoroshko” you’d more than likely know what was going on. Over there Kotyhoroshko is an old fable of sorts about a pea that transforms into a boy who then goes on to be the hero of the tale. As for Tired Cossack’s song that borrows the name, it keeps the whimsy but with a twist. When you press play on “Pea Roll Along,” you’re taken over by ‘80s synth rock-inspired moments. My mind immediately went to a mall arcade in 1984. Soon though, Tired Cossack switches gears and in comes a more subdued alternative take on indie rock. 

This song that incorporates heritage and a variety of styles is the lead single off of Tired Cossack’s upcoming LP due out before the end of 2021. Recorded during a particularly cold spring at his late grandfather’s cabin, Tired Cossack worked through some rough conditions to bring his latest to life, including the absence of running water. It was all worth it though, as one can hear from what he’s done with “Pea Roll Along.” 

“Pea Roll Along” is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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