“I Found It” by Perttu Leinonen

Imagine the opening of a drama or horror film: cinematic chords, low-toned humming voice, and a somewhat foreboding instrumental. Gradually getting louder and in ones face, but never getting too close. Composer and musician Petty Leinonen’s track “I Found It”, featuring the beautiful voice of Llany Arias is truly a masterpiece. It feels like it belongs in a film, with its almost strange but serene mix of anxiety-ridden emotions, yet is all overlapped with an overall peaceful feeling. It doesn’t try to be commercial, radio friendly, or on the top 20 charts. It’s real music, barely any lyrics, but giving a true feeling of sadness and eeriness to those listening.

This track is perfect for those who want to relax and zone out at the end of the day, listen to on a long drive, or to those who are looking for something truly unique and different from other music that is out today. 

Listening to this song, one could picture different scenarios: Arias’ almost crying voice; is she pleading for help? Or is it nothing more than a calming voice? Either way, “I Found It” is a song that can be interpreted in many ways, which is refreshing to hear in 2021.

Perttu Leinonen is someone who deserves recognition, mixing his different elements of genres and making truly distinctive and especial music. Leionen is a Finnish composer and musician, and “I Found It” is his flawless mix of dub, techno, classical and as Leinon states, “something ancient.” Can’t say this enough, this song needs to be on a film soundtrack.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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