“Good Luck” by Todd Barrow

Photo Credit: Julie Barrow

Bubblegum pop and later pop-punk were my everything growing up but years before those genres took hold of my heart, I was a little kid obsessed with popping her mom’s Brooks and Dunn cassette in and singing “Neon Moon” at the top of her lungs in the back of a pickup truck. From there I fell hard for the likes of Garth Brooks, so that classic ‘90s country style still has the ability to get my feet tapping which is why “Good Luck” by Todd Barrow was a good time for me and will be for you as well. 

Country music isn’t about tossing a ton of metaphors and flowery language on top of some guitars. It’s about telling it like it is, and when it’s not making you tear up over heartbreak – it’s mostly a great time that is reminiscent of your best night out with friends. The latter is exactly what “Good Luck” feels like. You can taste the pint and feel yourself moving about to this well-crafted country song that also delivers a great message in the end. It’s a good time with some inspiration behind it that can push anyone listening into a better headspace, and overall mood. 

A chance encounter with Texas Music Hall of Fame Honoree Sonny Burgess led to Todd Barrow chancing his own luck and diving deeper into his musical dreams. One thing led to another and now he’s not only been featured in a number of magazines, but he can also say he’s an Akademia Award winner for Best Country Album. His heart and drive have gotten him this far, and there is no telling where this pristine country artist can take his career from here. 

“Good Luck” is available now on major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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