“Wonderland” by Kate Ellis

Photo Credit: Dave Watts

It’s been almost a decade since “YOLO” became part of our vernacular and while many have embraced it to live their lives to the fullest, many have ignored the bigger picture – you may only live once, but there are many who are going to come after you, it’d be great if we left them a planet to live on. This sentiment is echoed in “Wonderland” by Kate Ellis. Not only is this London-based singer putting an effort into her music to cause change, but she’s also launching a project to bring more awareness to the impact we’re having on our environment. 

Much like Joni Mitchell aimed to do in 1970 with “Big Yellow Taxi,” Kate Ellis wants to shine a light on the beauty of the world and does so in a magical way with “Wonderland.” Her voice is as crisp as the air in autumn as she delivers throughout. Alongside the single release, Kate Ellis has also teamed up with artist Geraldine Van Heemstra, a member of the Wilderness Art Collective for the video which showcases Heemstra’s artistic take on the natural wonderlands around us. Together, they hope The Wonderland Project can be a positive voice for change at the United Nations Climate Change Conference come November.

Inspired by a walk in a local park in London, Kate Ellis was moved by the world around her. So much so she got to work on “Wonderland,” and today it serves as the third single from her upcoming sophomore release, ‘Spirals,’ an album that allowed her to take the whirlwind in her head and put it to song. This is her first album release since her 2017 debut, ‘Carve Me Out.’ Until ‘Spirals’ drops, check out “Wonderland,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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