“Better Believe It” by PSiMiTAR

“Better Believe it”, an experimental, hip-hop/dance track by the Northeast based duo PSiMiTAR, is the ultimate party song for the upcoming year. Get your New Year’s playlists ready, as this song is guaranteed to get everyone moving. 

Starting off with a groovy beat reminiscent of 70s soul, Steesh’s (Baron Von Alias) exciting, flawless flow comes in, bringing an iconic hip-hop element to it. His voice is fun, uplifting, and his lyrics discuss not listening to that voice in your head to give up. Accompanied by DJ and vocalist LKP’s smooth, silky voice, “Better Believe It” is a song you don’t want to miss this year.

Not only is “Better Believe It” a song that is impossible not to dance to, but it has an extremely uplifting message of never giving up on yourself or your dreams. From the very beginning of the track, the lyrics “Whenever you want it, whenever you need, whenever you feel it, you better believe it” come to the listener, almost forcing them to put a smile on their face.  From the R&B soul coming from LKP to the fast-pased, masterfly crafted lyrics and flow from Steesh, this track will get you in a better mood in no time.

PSiMiTAR is the duo consisting of two very talented people, and their unique talents merge together to make a genre-fuising song that works together so perfectly. PSiMiTAR is a band on the rise, gaining traction from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and Narc Magazine. With all of this already under their belt, PSiMiTAR is destined for greatness.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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