“Parsley” by Ju$ ICE

“Parsley” is the ultimate party song: its addicting repeating melody, intense bass, and Ju$ ICE’s hard-hitting vocals. “Parsley” is a song that fans of modern hip-hop and trap will love. Lovers of artists such as xxxtentacion, Migos, and Travis Scott will immediately be drawn to this track. The song has everything that modern rap needs, with its high energy feeling and Ju$ ICE’s vocals. What is unique from other trap music is Ju$ ICE’s remarkable flow that remains constant throughout the rather challenging, fast-paced beat.

Justice Adderley is the vocalist and performer of his musical pseudonym Ju$ ICE. He began his artistic journey in 2017, where he was studying acting in college while also recording music in South Florida Fort Pierce. Juggling two significant bodies of work, Ju$ ICE is a true artist.

“Parsley” is a trap record with elements of gangster and emo rap. The track begins with an exhilarating beat which makes “Parsley” addicting upon first listening. The song is accompanied by a high-energy music video, which showcases Ju$ ICE and his friends at a party. The music video has the same uplifting energy as the song itself, highlighting the extreme party element that this song has. Play this at any party, and you are guaranteed to start a mosh pit in the crowd. Not only is the song fun to listen to, but Ju$ ICE shows his true, insane talent with his flow on a tough beat. 

Be on the lookout for Ju$ ICE’s “Parsley” to blow up on social media, including Tik Tok, which is known for its  beats that are addicting within its 15 second frame. Play this at a college party or a club if you’re trying to get a real party started!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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