“Do Nothing” by Sunflower Summit

Photo Credit: Maria Requena

It doesn’t take long into listening to “Do Nothing” from Sunflower Summit to realize this isn’t similar to the chill day anthem of Plain White T’s “Lazy Day Afternoon.” Nor is it Jason Mraz’s coffee shop sweetie, “Sleep All Day.” While as anthemic and catchy as the aforementioned, Sunflower Summit taps into the reality of what happens when the weight of the world traps you into staring blankly at a wall for hours, with absolutely no drive to stop. 

I’ve been there, and you likely have too – or at least a similar scenario where nothing sounds worthwhile except for well, nothing. Sunflower Summit delivers this sentiment in a way that is reminiscent of when Elliot Page picked up the guitar at the end of ‘Juno’ and bust out a perfect cover of a Moldy Peaches tune to cap off the movie. That sort of alternative indie vibe meets classic singer-songwriter wrapped up in a blanket sewn together with truthful responses to the world. 

Today, more than ever, artists aren’t afraid to blatantly shine a light on topics that were once never sung about, or if they were – they were surrounded in a haze created by studio executives scared to lose a sponsorship. Sunflower Summit, along with artists like Alessia Cara and Logic are making the big moves and in turn, giving all of us audible companions, more than ever. 

“Do Nothing” is the latest from Sunflower Summit, following the release “Become Undone.” Both are teasers for what’s to come when this Chicago talent drops ‘In This Moment.” While you wait for the sophomore release, make sure to check out “Do Nothing,” as it’s available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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