‘Pink Moon’ by Maddie Park

Spirituality is a huge part of most of our lives. It can be empowering and help us as humans learn more about ourselves and the world around us. It can also be a huge help in making important life decisions. In her single ‘Pink Moon,’ Maddie Park uses ideas of spirituality in connection from moving forward from a relationship. It’s a track about finding yourself and your own power through deep spiritual thoughts and ideas. It is written in such a profound way, and the chill musicality perfectly pulls everything together.

‘Pink Moon’ is the perfect chill indie tune for the fading of the warmth and energy of summer to the somberness of fall. Maddie Park’s smooth and breathy tone hits just right, and the beat fits into the background perfectly.  Maddie pulls out a quick vocal line out around 1:45 that’s succinct and adds just the right dynamic to the track. It’s super well produced and brings in just the right calm lo-fi indie feeling.

The lyrics of Pink Moon encapsulate just the right mix of spiritual power and moving forward from a relationship through feminine self-empowerment. “Staring up at a pink moon /That was the moment / I remembered I don’t need you / This is what faith feels like / This is what me feels like / I ain’t gon’ dim my light /Celestial body mine,” the chorus rings out with such truth. It’s super deep and powerful, and it can be relatable for anybody going through a similar spiritual journey. There’s so much truth to the lyricism, and it’s written in such a catchy way.

Maddie Park is a California-based Korean American Pop/R&B artist who’s had a passion for music since birth. She grew up singing every chance she got, not because she felt like she had to, but because of her pure love for music. After investing in her passion for singing, Maddie moved forward into guitar and piano. This love has come to fruition in the gorgeous music she makes today. Her music has an emotional basis and is packed with tons of relatability. Maddie Park is truly a dream-chaser.

Written by Sage Plapp




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