“Galloway” – by Matt Monsoor

If Los Angeles were a high school cafeteria, Silverlake would be the cool kids’ table with its vibrant music scene, youthful gaze, and cascade of bars serving microbrews. Those from Los Angeles know all too well when someone calls that particular neighborhood home, or if a band sets up their DIY home studio there. In the case of Matt Monsoor, after listening to “Galloway” I would have bet at least $20 that is where he called home. I would have been left with even less in my pocket because this indie darling hails not from the Lake de Silver, but Wisconsin. 

“Galloway” starts with a little funk before it settles into this mellow meets afternoon delight sound. Then once Matt Monsoor’s vocals find their place, you are put under a trance. The kind that happens when someone is that good at storytelling. What I like most about his second single of 2021 is that he doesn’t bring anything nonsensical to the party at hand. Everything from start to finish feels perfectly balanced. This is the kind of song that could win over a variety of music lovers from those who love Silversun Pickups to others who dig Modest Mouse. 

Matt Monsoor has been releasing music since 2001’s ‘Comfortably Lost in Greenfield.’ Since then he’s given the world three more albums, and will soon get to work on a new EP in 2022. He will be joining forces with Shane Leonard and Matthew Skemp to record out in Wisconsin. Until all that new music is here, you can get your indie fix with “Galloway,” which is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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