“Imagining Things” by Too Young Quiet

Too Young Quiet’s new song “Imagining Things” is an upbeat, fun, positive song: the perfect track for a rather dark year. In a year full of hard times, “Imagining Things” brings a more positive note into the world, which is honestly what we all need in 2021. With peaceful guitars, beautiful piano, and mesmerizing vocals, “Imagining Things” will put you in an instant good mood.

Too Young Quiet is reminiscent of old-school rock and pop. Fans of artists like Tom Petty, Bob Segar and Michael Bublé will love this track. The group have their own unique sound, being a project from songwriter, producer and guitarist Magne Kolstad, who has a lovely, raspy voice, that is so easy to gravitate towards. The project has also included vocalists Signe Jakobsen (from the Canadian pop/rock band; Minervah), as well as Australian artist, Stuart Cardell.

During these terrible times, its hard to think of the positives sometimes. “Imagining Things” reminds us to take a step back and appreciate the good things in life. The song is created to make the listener think of things that we love and start to “imagine new things”, positive things to come our way. 

Just the way that Too Young Quiet makes music to feel more confident in their place in the world, they hope that their music makes their listeners feel more confident in themselves as well. Personally, listening to this song put me in an instant good mood, and made me try to remember to appreciate the good things in my life, and also, it’s not bad to imagine the good, wonderful things in life that will come!

Written by Melissa Cusano





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