‘Joker’ by Lost in Majority

There are people in this world who don’t care about the world around them. They extort people below them, they horde wealth while letting others struggle to just get by, they disregard the health of the world, the list goes on. It’s a sad reality that many of the people who have made their way to the top only take and set the world up for a worse off future. Lost in Majority captures this idea in their catchy new track, ‘Joker,’ which compares the evil of these people to that of The Joker DC Villan. It has the perfect punchy hard rock sound and catchy vocals.

‘Joker’ is an amazingly energetic track from start to finish. The way the dark tones in the electric guitar quickly roll down in the snap of a finger before the rest of the instrumentation strikes in. It gives such a punchy start that perfectly introduces the heavy sound of the rest of the track. The bass has just the right punchy sound and the drums intricately drive the energy and beat of the sound. The guitar works with all of its different tones and brings a lot of musical dynamics to the track. The vocals deliver a perfect hit. There’s a bit of a growl in the vocal tone that works perfectly with the mood of the track. ‘Joker’ is well performed, mixed and produced, and the emotion within it perfectly translates into the lyricism as well.

In Lost in Majority’s own words, ‘Joker’ is about the fact that, ‘Some men want to watch the world burn,’ which also serves as a lyrical hook within the track (and a line within The Joker movie). It’s about mainly men who are in power and have a complete disregard for other human beings and the world around them. This is enhanced by the music video which pictures a puppet of Donald Trump with a demon by his side; helping him make decisions that wage chaos upon the world. The end of the chorus states, “There’s nothing we can do about it / Just in case you doubt it / Lean back and watch our society’s fall.” It’s about poor decisions made by evil people who are only in it for self-gain and could care less about anyone or anything else. 

Austria-based hard rock band Lost in Majority creates powerful music that tackles real-world issues. Their lyricism displays a deep understanding of the big issues that affect society as a whole. They work with catchy melodies and recent musical trends to bring the sounds of hard rock to more ears while keeping it creative and dynamic. Lost in Majority’s video for ‘Joker’ was crowdfunded, and the track was released alongside an extended version. Lost in Majority has been quickly staking their name as powerful and skilled musicians, and they’re definitely a band with future releases to follow.

Written by Sage plapp




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