“Soft Sounds” by Anya Marsland

UK-based singer-songwriter Anya Marsland’s debut single “Soft Sounds” has many alluring qualities, from the gentleness of the singer’s voice to the soulful and rhythmic guitar. But the most alluring thing would have to be the blend of genres one could hear and the way Marsland’s voice is able to adapt.

“Soft Sounds” has a mixture of R&B, soul, indie, blues, and jazz, and if a song is going to mix genres, then it’s extremely important for the voice to fit all areas. And Marsland’s voice fits all areas. She successfully captivates her listener with movement and emotion in her vocals. 

I love how the instrumentals aren’t too complex to the point where we can’t enjoy the vocals but they aren’t unnoticeable. While you’re enjoying the singing, you’re lured in with the strong force of the bassline and the percussion. 

Another quality that makes the track triumphant in winning the audience’s attention is the intimate story-telling nature. Marsland has us feeling as though she’s telling her life story to us individually. Furthermore, she enables us to empathize with her because she allows her passion and emotion to drive the song beautifully. 

Lastly, with songs like “Soft Sounds,” you sometimes don’t want just one element to dominate the other, there needs to be some blending, and “Soft Sounds” has a great blend — the instrumental and vocals work well together to bring the song to life. 

Marsland is just starting to immerse into the music industry and I believe she’s off to a good start, especially from the sounds of her debut single. It’s exciting to see where her career will lead her to next. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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