‘Bankroll’ by Rio DeShon

Succeeding in personal dreams isn’t always easy, which is what makes it such an honorable goal. There are so many difficulties that either shine through or are created in the process, but to really make it to where you’re going takes a lot of grit and moving forward despite any struggles and setbacks. It’s truly inspiring. Alternative rapper Rio DeShon goes through some of the highlights and struggles associated with his climb through the music creates. It explores experiences such as the loss of friendship and a girl hitting him up just because he’s establishing himself through his music, but it’s overall inspired by Rio’s own progress through his art. It’s a great story written with catchy rap lines and a chill and simple trap beat.

‘Bankroll’ is a banger of an alternative-rap track utilizing catchy choruses and succinct and quick verses. The choruses are catchy, and the track overall has tons of replayability. The simple piano rolls and creative trap beat lay the perfect basis for the vocals and rapping to shine through, and it has a bit of a lo-fi undertone. ‘Bankroll’ is well created and produced, and it would fit perfectly in a playlist with popular artists along the lines of $NOT, JuiceWRLD, and guccihighwaters. It seems to capture a sound that’s more hip-hop driven with just the right amount of emo-rap influences.

As Rio DeShon puts it, Bankroll is about “how far (he’s) come, fake friends, and a girl who keeps blowing (his) phone up.” It’s a success story filled with false friendships, the struggles associated with climbing up, and personal growth. There’s so much change within personal relationships and lifestyle as you grow into a higher position in your own life, and there are always good and bad things that play a role in this growth. “I am healthy I am wealthy I remember I was broke / I hit the cup and Dozed off and then I woke up in that mode,” digs into the concept of rising up financially and climbing out of poverty. It’s overall all about moving forward, despite the difficulties of climbing your way to the top.

Rio DeShon is an alternative hip-hop artist who has been creating music since 2012, when he was 13 years old. He cites some of his influences as being Brent Faiyaz and Future, and he works in both the more energized and softer ranges within the alternative hip-hop/r&b genre. With three current singles, Rio DeShon has already captured the attention of thousands. He definitely has a lot in store for the future of his music career.

Written by Sage Plapp




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