“Flowers In Mythology: Polemonium” by The Sundots

The Sundots present their second DIY album titled “Flowers in Mythology: Polemonium.” The album contains a variety of dynamic songs. The Pop Rock band originated in Detroit, MI, and now resides in New York City – as they pursue music all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Locals can catch them in venues such as The Bitter End, The Electric Bowery, and The Cutting Room.

The Sundots have a classical background that is highly evident in their new album “Flowers In Mythology: Polemonium.” Collectively, they do an excellent job intertwining a classical sound with modern-day rock. 

The first track on the album, “Engine,” pulls the listener in immediately into a world of symphony and euphoria. The song is a high-energy melody that ensues happiness from the beginning and builds as it plays. The piano is a staple in the band’s sound, but this track especially gives a certain emotional high that is undeniable. The lyrics are (and without a doubt) a poem in its truest sense, portraying symbolism and emotion. 

“Just like a real emotion

You put it in motion

And that’s an art

This hyperbolical engine

Could dare impart.”

–The Sundots

The second track “Glue,” presents an upbeat 80’s type of rhythm. “Glue” is about two people physically together but emotionally falling apart. Even though the song sounds like a “happy go lucky” track, the music embodies a sad phenomenon of a relationship breaking up and the separation of two people. The theme contemplates the essential ungluing of two lovers. It resonates with the painful and often unspoken dis-attachment process that happens when loving another person. 

“As if we could have ever untangled the question

Of where you end, and I start

Our bodies are glued together

But we’re falling apart

But still, it seems to me

That I should carve this line in the stone

Our bodies are glued together

But now I’m alone.”

– The Sundots

“Flowers In Mythology: Polemonium” is like no other album heard before. Personally, I found similarities in the track “Mango” to the sounds of Phil Collins, and the song “Daisy” felt like a beautiful lullaby. 

Band members: singer-songwriter is Constantine Novotny, bassist Efthimi Matsamakis; Drummer Daniel Seiderman have created an album that takes their audience back in time with classical elements of the Renaissance and Baroque. Their influences are Regina Spektor, Vampire Weekend, and The Beatles, aside from Mozart and Bach. So check them out and put them on your next playlist!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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