“All Things Down to You” by Lapels

Lead vocalist Nathan who is also the writer, pianist and guitarist, 17 year old drummer Adam, singer/guitarist/songwriter Andy and bassist Will form Lapels and they are a 4-piece band from Nottingham, UK. Although this is only their second release, they know who they are as a band, they describe themselves as making their own style of indie Brit music. The band formed when Nathan and Andy sparked off a singer/songwriter chemistry at college in Nottingham, they later brought in band mates Will and Adam and from they began gigging across the East Midlands. At this point the group didn’t have a name so they quickly had to find a band name to go onto a gig flyer, because they were all wearing jackets at the time, ‘lapels’ was the first word that connected them all…..Thus Lapels were born.

“All Down To You” is the second single from Lapels, their first single didn’t disappoint and neither did this one, this catchy single will be stuck in your head for hours after you hear it. Their unique twist on indie music has given the group 35,000 listens on their two Spotify released singles in such a short amount of time.

After listening to “All Down To You” it will quickly become one of your favorites and added to any playlist you have, this song is great for any occasion. It is clear why Lapels are getting massive traction, with the amazing vocals and instruments meshing perfectly they have made another hit with “All Down To You”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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