“Foundation” by Samuel Jared

In the face of uncertainty, it’s important to remain grounded — sounds easier said than done when we live in a world where we’re intended to rise sometimes and fall most times. Samuel Jared’s newest single “Foundation” paints this superb picture on what staying grounded looks like through the imagery he uses in his lyrics.

“When the wind hits the trees and they began to lean you must know it in your heart not to be decieved no more by the storms.”

One can assuredly pick up on the emotion associated with this lyric — fear — which is brilliant that Jared chose this way to practically instruct his listener to not be scared. If anyone was standing in front of a large tree dancing in the wind, there’s no doubt they would be scared.

But “Foundation” is Jared’s way of looking firmly into his audience’s eyes and encouraging them to open their eyes and see that there will always be stormy days and leaning trees, yet that shouldn’t stop anyone from rising. 

The instrumentation enhances the emotion of the song with its enticing chord progressions and percussion that gives the song a more meatier sound. 

While Jared’s musical style does favor James Blunt’s a bit, Jared does carry his own sound in his songs, which is good considering many listeners are looking for something different, for more artists with their original sound. Jared will no doubt continue to inspire a lot of his listeners with this music and we can’t wait to hear more. 

Written by Taylor Berry





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