“Mr.Selfish” by Naomi Cheyanne

Masculinity and femininity mean something completely different nowadays than they did hundreds of years ago. Femininity in particular has become empowered, women are running things all over the world. LA-based Singer/Songwriter Naomi Cheyanne captures this new attitude on her latest release, “Mr.Selfish”. With strong vocals, a cool instrumental, and killer delivery to match, this new release is one you’re not going to want to miss.

Flutes dance over the light instrumental, while Naomi Cheyanne delivers sharp but delicate vocals over top. When the groove locks in, deep bass hits make it feel like the floor is falling out beneath you When paired with the trap-inspired drums and rolling hi-hats it leaves everything feeling oddly light, but when paired with the hard-hitting lyrics everything comes together.

With elements of hip hop, RnB, pop, and about a dozen other genres, it’s unique and exciting. Despite all these influences, the texture never gets that thick, instead opting for the almost Billie Eilish-esque quiet intensity. Because it never gets loud, it feels comfortable and has an air of confidence behind every lyric. Cheyanne sounds relaxed and at ease with her delivery – matching the energy of the instrumental perfectly.

“Mr.Selfish” grabs your attention immediately with how the instrumental seems to melt into the first chorus. Vocals, both the lead melody and backing, compliment the instrumental and give the song structure. Although the song is only two and a half minutes long, it’s so memorable that by the second or third chorus you could already sing along. A great release, and phenomenal addition to Naomi Cheyanne’s discography.

“Mr.Selfish” by Naomi Cheyanne can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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