“Hey Dear, Heidi” by Michelle Limanjae

pWriting a song is never easy. Although there are no right answers when it comes to music, there can be some wrong ones. It’s intimidating and a long process that scares away many people. Like many musicians, Australia-based Michelle Limanjae wanted to call it quits a number of times before delivering her debut “Hey Dear, Heidi”. Catchy and unique, this song shows off Limanjae’s light and cool sound. The ebb and flow of energy throughout helps set the soundscape, allowing the easy delivery set the tone.

At times the texture seems to devolve into a chaotic atmospheric feel. Airy vocals would drift alongside explorative electric guitars – sometimes proving structure, while at others pushing boundaries. The whole rhythm section takes this fluid approach, allowing the emotion-laced vocals to drive the song. Despite their strength and powerful delivery they never overshadowed what was going on around them. Instead, they’re mixed in right next to the other instruments – allowing them to slip effortlessly into the texture.

Supposedly distance makes the heart fonder, but as “Hey Dear, Heidi” captures, there is a sadness of sorts that comes along with that. With those melancholy undertones however, there’s hope and happiness. The bridge feels like everything is falling apart, but soon enough the structure reveals itself and the groove is reestablished. By the time the song is wrapping up, Limanjae’s powerful vocals retake their leading role – seeing this beautiful song through to the end. Not only was “Hey Dear, Heidi” gorgeous, its cohesive and shows off Michelle Limanjae’s cool sound.

“Hey Dear, Heidi” by Michelle Limanjae can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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