“Smoke + Mirrors” by Mezmah

Many times in life, you don’t realize things that happened to you as a child until you’re much older. You view things differently; you notice what life is all about. It takes many years and life experience to truly look back at your childhood for what it was and not for what you wish it was. Mezmah’s “Smoke + Mirrors” is all about Mezmah’s childhood, specifically about his neighbor whom he never even saw.

“Smoke + Mirrors” is a song about domestic abuse, but along with this, the track is extremely catchy, with its hard-hitting instrumental and Mezmah’s emotive verses. “Smoke + Mirrors” is Mezmah’s reflection back to when he was a young kid, constantly hearing his neighbor being the subject of this domestic abuse. As a young boy, he didn’t really understand what was happening, and never saw her, but he could hear her yelling and loud noises. Even as a young child, he always knew something bad was happening next door. Now as an adult, Mezmah is reflecting, with a whole new perspective on the situation. 

Lyrics such as “Couldn’t even see you but knew you were there”, “These smoke and mirrors is all I can see”, and “You could’ve been there with nothing to eat” highlight Mezmah’s guilt in realizing what occurred next door, but being too young to understand or help her out. Mezmah’s voice is filled to the brim with pain, his voice almost sounding like he is on the verge of tears. Lyrics and music with depth is something that is hard to come by these days, so “Smoke + Mirrors” is truly a special track. 

“Smoke + Mirrors” is a song that, sadly, many can relate to. This can be a good thing though, to know that there are others who have been through traumatic experiences as well.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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