“King’s Kid” by Station Worship

I always struggle to find the right words when reviewing Christian music because, as a Christ-follower myself, it’s hard to put to words how magnificent God is when I’m explaining to someone — there’s no word out there that holds enough power to describe the Lord of Lords, the ruler, the almighty God. So, I give my testimony and hope they can feel what I felt, which is what I’ll do here to get you to understand just how riveting this record is.

At the beginning of “King’s Kid” by Station Worship, the band invites the listener in with open arms by greeting us with the warm fingerpicking of the acoustic guitar. As the song builds to the chorus, we get a full and vibrant sound that is all-powerful.

Immediately, I felt this warmth all around me, especially after hearing the lyric, “Death can’t hold my sin and shame over me anymore.” What’s better than hearing the promises of God? 

According to the band, the track was written to “spark joy, renew identity and provide the listener with a sense of freedom from their past” and you definitely get that feeling of freedom from listening to the song. Similar to Hillsong, I can see churches around the world worshiping to “King’s Kid.”

With such a beautiful, modest, and inspirational piece as “King’s Kid,” Station Worship not only created something that will touch many lives but also something that brings a smile to God’s face. The song successfully moves me and I hope it does the same to you all. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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