“Green Light” by North Ship

Tom Golzen is the guitarist, programmer, and vocalist and Francis Nørgaard Jensen is the drummer and between the two of them they make up the two piece band North Ship. Tom and Francis are the besties you love to see, they both live in Copenhagen, Denmark and have known each other and been playing together for about 20 years.

“Green Light” is the third single from the duo this year, this newest single is about trying to psych yourself up to deal with any and all problems. They want you to think of it as a conversation you’d have with your mirror. “Green Light” is the musical sensation you need in your life. This rock/post punk vibe is what you need to let your mind wander, it is the song you need to to help you open up enough to deal with your problems.

With over two thousand listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that North Ship is giving you guys what you want in music. The duo already has one album and three singles, with the creative minds of Tom and Francis, you know it won’t be the last of their music making.

“Green Light” was recorded in Copenhagen at award-winning producer, composer and songwriter Thomas Li’s studio. It was also was produced and mixed by Thomas Li and mastered at Metropolis Studio in London.

“The music I most admire has a unique feeling or message, regardless of when it was recorded. If it’s a good tune, if there’s a good feel, if it’s something that sounds fresh to my ancient ears, count me in.” – Tom Golzen, 2021

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Sigurd Nørgaard Jensen




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