“Hermetic Revelry” by The Shook

Photo cred: Benjamin Stephenson

It hasn’t been long since The Shook released their spine-tingling Ep ‘Retrograde’ back in 2020 but the groups sound has evolved and matured tremendously since then. ‘Hermetic Revelry’ reflects this growth on every track, with hard-hitting grooves that cement this sentimentality on every beat.

What defines The Shook amongst other upcoming rock acts is their laid-back intensity, lightly reminiscent of The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand. Their style exudes coolness, with confident vocals and tight guitar riffs. ‘Easy’ sets the sizzling tone of ‘Hermetic Revelry’ from the get-go. The vocal melody’s catchy and fresh and perfectly held up by a vibrant rhythm section. The drums are consistent throughout but their rock-and roll eccentricity adds an edge to ‘Easy’ that makes the track.

The band keeps the ball rolling with ‘Return of the Sun’, a song that has one of the catchiest openings I’ve heard in a while. The dirty, overdriven bass line demands your attention and the rollicking chorus keeps it. By the time ‘Dreamers Disease’ starts The Shook have defined the EP’s sound with poise and old-school intensity. They keep the catchy riffs going with ‘Fire’, a hard rock banger that ends ‘Hermetic Revelry on a high note.

The Shook have created a concise and perfectly balanced EP here that puts the band a step above their previous works. It provides just enough to make its mark and leave you wanting more. Tight production and strong performances make this EP as solid as they come and The Shook’s ever growing songwriting ability mark them an act to keep an eye (and an ear) out for.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman

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