“On The Side” by Jon Ann

Despite only releasing four songs previous to ‘On The Side’, Jon Ann, the indie rock/bubblegrunge duo from Adelaide, South Australia have already manged to cement their infectious sound amidst a sea of indie music. With tight hooks, flowery vocals and dreamy overdrive for days, the duo have spent the last year setting the stage for their new single ‘On The Side’.

The song features a heavier sound than usual and a brilliant, anthemic chorus that talks about not wanting to be a second option in a relationship. The production is a step up from their previous tracks, complimenting Christie’s lead vocals and allowing the group to let their grunge roots shine. Brendan’s guitar solo tone is sublime, reminiscent of The Strokes ‘Oblivius’ with its spine-tingling intensity. The Middle Kids influence is on full display here and the bubblegrunge style adds a sizzling intensity to the lyrics.

Consistent gigging and writing have helped the band’s sound grow incredibly over the past year. Christie’s performance is nothing short of captivating throughout and the duo have created their heaviest and most captivating track yet. The groups song writing ability marred with Lachy Bruce’s production marks them as one of the most exciting groups coming out of Australia’s current rock scene.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman







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