IRYS’ growth since the independent release of her first three singles in spring and early summer 2021 has been nothing short of incredible. After amassing over 400k streams across several platforms in such a short space of time it’s no wonder her new single ‘Circles’ had heads turning before it was even released.

Defined by its dark and gothic nature, ‘Circles’ is truly a unique pop song that has a distinctly retro feel amidst its hooks and captivating instrumentation. Described by IRYES as a song about ‘ruminating thoughts’, the German artist took inspiration from a particularly dark period of her life ‘”Some years ago, I lived through a dark time in my life, and I had thought loops in my mind 24/7! It was quite a disturbing experience, and I tried to process it musically. This is how I came up with ‘Circles’ – a track that is dark and repetitive, trying to mirror the feeling of having your brain under high pressure!”

There’s a vibrant undercurrent to this song and IRYS’ music overall that is created by the unique combination of IRYS’ smoky voice and energetic instrumentation. Her ability to weave captivating hooks into such personal and emotive songs makes her a musical force to be reckoned with.

Though her skill and proficiency as a pop writer could be likened to The Weeknd or Charli XCX, IRYS’ new track has done more than add another banger to her repertoire; its established her own sound and identity in a sea of electronic music. ‘Circles’ is catchy, captivating and cements IRYS as a viscerally unique musician, amazingly, only at the very start of her career.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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