‘Moonlight’ by Harri Mason

Sometimes life just feels like it holds us back, moreso recently than ever. It sticks us in this rut that seems impossible to escape without crawling and thrashing your way up. That’s why we all need some sort of pick-me-up. Some encouragement. Something to relate to. Harri Mason does just that with her latest single ‘Moonlight.’ This track works with skilled instrumentation to tell a story about needing to move forward. It’s extremely well-written and feels like it hits exactly like it’s supposed to, weaving the musicality with the lyricism seamlessly.

Harri Mason’s ‘Moonlight’ is the perfect folksy indie jam. The beautiful and well-played acoustic guitar intros the song perfectly. It jumps around in its instrumentation and display a distinct acoustic prowess with some difficult lines. The vocals fit into a full-sounding acoustic range and at times pull in just a dash of a country sound. They’re sung with such a power and work with strong belting tones alongside the darker alto tones. The drums pull in an interesting beat that fits in with the guitar to create dynamics that work together to provide tons to explore within the music.

The lyrics behind  ‘Moonlight’ are absolutely beautiful. It’s about hope and self-belief. In short terms, it’s about having the power to move forward. Something that really stands out is that it explores the reservations and fears of moving forward alongside uplifting vocal lines, such as the phrase that repeats in the chorus, “I know that I can try.” It says that even though moving forward is hard, you can’t always just sit back and wait for change. “I’m terrified of falling behind,” the lyrics state. It’s poetically written and has a relatable punch that hits many of us who are listening. Harri herself says that “Moonlight is about trying to make positive changes in your life and trying to dig yourself out of a rut you’re in.”

Harri Mason is a Bristol-based solo musician and multi-instrumentalist who has been making music since the age of 14. She makes all the music in her releases, working with vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keys. Most of her music has a nostalgic rock basis, but ‘Moonlight’ takes more of a turn into folk. It shows tons of diversity in her musical ability and creativity, and it leaves listeners captivated for the next release. Harri recorded and mixed her debut album ‘New Normal’ on her own and released it in 2019 with a diverse range of tracks. She’s played numerous gigs and venues all over the UK, and she’s truly been getting her chance to display her musical prowess.

Written by Sage Plapp





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