“Save You” by Solven

We all would like to have at least one person who would come running the moment we need saving — or, at least, ideally. While coming to the rescue may be a big responsibility for that person, it’s nice to know that there’s at least one person in your life who’d come running from the back rooms to save you. “Save You” by Solven is an emotional piece that was recently released and expresses this idea perfectly. With its attention-grabbing melodies and beats, “Save You” takes you on an inspirational musical journey. 

The track begins with this refreshing and clean guitar, and as the song builds into this deep house type of song, you’re engulfed in the high amount of energy from the instrumentation.

Although I wouldn’t say that the track isn’t super catchy solely because of the lyrics, I would say that the hook’s rhythm does successfully captivate the listener’s attention. You’ll most likely find yourself humming to it without realizing it. 

The beat is simple and maybe a bit repetitive (not a bad thing). But it’s triumphant in commanding the listener to dance or sway your hips. 

The powerful vocals are highly impressive and effortlessly draw the listener’s attention to exactly what the performer is saying. 

Solven is an amazing producer that we all would love to see progress in the music industry because of how incredible “Save You” sound. I don’t doubt that the producer will continue to impress and bless listeners with more outstanding music in the future. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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