“Wide Awake (feat. Jordan Lee)” by Lekna

“Wide Awake (feat. Jordan Lee)” is the fourth release by UK-based producer, Lekna. It continues to pull influence from house music and pop music alike. It’s upbeat, fun and a joy to listen to. From the passionate vocals by Jordan Lee to the funky instrumental, every second is enjoyable.  The amount of energy and excitement packed into this three-minute song is awesome.

Upbeat, bouncy energy keeps the song pushing along through the highs and lows. That being said, even when the song is in a lower energy part, there’s still intensity pushing it along. Easy-going vocals give “Wide Awake” it’s structure and suit the mood entirely – seeming to just dance on top of the constantly changing instrumental. Modern elements and traditional ones meld seamlessly, giving the song it’s interesting ever-evolving sound. Easily incorporating acoustic guitar alongside deep, house-inspired bass lines, every new voice gave the song color. Even the light vocal after-effects, I thought everything was tasteful and deepened the texture.

Influences from artists like  Kygo and Calvin Harris are evident with the upbeat, optimistic and just all-around happy-themes. One of my favorite things about this style is that a smile is almost guaranteed when listening. You move along to the music, and it’s just easy to listen to and enjoy. This isn’t to say it’s simple, rather to appreciate the approachable melodies and enjoyable vibe. “Wide Awake” is a very well rounded song, with an instrumental that grooves to introspective lyrics; There’s something for everyone on this cool new track.

“Wide Awake (Feat. Jordan Lee)” by Lekna can be found on any major streaming service


Written by Tyler Roberts





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