“Flying Dream” by Red Flower Lake

The electronic pop duo Red Flower Lake doesn’t shy away from experimenting and trying out new sounds. Their latest track, “Flying Dream,” proves this. The track is captivating at first listen: hypnotizing synths, Rahimah Wright’s enthralling voice, and the critical message, “how do you feel good?’ being asked. The song begins with Wright’s gloomy and peaceful voice. The lyrics tell a story: “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, It’s something I know a lot about,” and “If you feel blue, I want you to know you’re not alone.” These lyrics immediately connect the listener with the singer, as everyone can relate to this.

Red Flower Lake is a music duo composed of singer Rahimah Wright and producer Abel Wright who have known each other since elementary school. The two of them began bonding over their love of music in high school, and have been in love ever since. The group is a breath of fresh air: unique synths, instruments, and essential lyricism. On top of all of this, the duo also makes NFTs.

The song “Flying Dreams” keeps begging the question “How do you feel good?” as singer Rahimah repeats throughout. According to the duo, the answer to how it feels to feel good is in your body. The track title is called “Flying Dreams” because, in dreams, we feel unstoppable. For example, if you dream of flying, you wake up with that light, almost atmospheric feeling. 

The duo hopes the track can “remind you of the magic and power of your truth and encourage you to find out what feels good to you.” “Flying Dream” is an instant shot of dopamine, with its upscale instruments and Rahimah’s enchanting voice, so it does accomplish their hope to make the listener feel good.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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