“No Venus Moves” by The Miller Test

London based band The Miller Test have been playing together for over a decade. The band consists of a incredibly talented individuals, Mink is the vocalist and also plays guitar and keys, Emma is there to also help out with the vocals and Matt is on guitar and keys as well. Sam is the bassist and guitarist and on drums is Gav who is also the percussionist.

The group describes “No Venus Moves” as being the theme song for a millenarian cult, blending its troublingly bleak observations with moments of pulsating pop exhilaration. “No Venus Moves” is the second single off their recently released album “Dead Blue”. With their first single “Eden Gaol” already at three thousand listens, it’ll be no surprise when “No Venus Moves” reaches that level, if not higher.

The catchy almost surfer like tone will be what hooks you into the song and the unique lyrics of “No Venus Moves” is what makes the song perfect for almost any vibe. The Miller Test has provided an interesting take on the song by producing a most peculiar music video for “No Venus Moves”.

The Miller Test has more than just those two amazing singles, their entire album “Dead Blue” is unique and sure to peak your interest. This well put together, mature band will quickly become a favorite of yours, they are perfect for you no matter your age or preferred genre.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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