Something that’s hard to do in music is actually tying in conceptualization and experimentation. Most of the time, one aspect gets a lot of focus, and the other one falls behind. In her track ‘LINKED’ on her latest EP ‘∞,’ RHYME finds that perfect balance. On this track, RHYME works with poetic conceptualization and experimental influences to create a well-rounded and deep experience for the listener. It’s extremely well crafted, and the crisp production allows every aspect of the music to truly shine through.

‘LINKED’ by RHYME is such a powerful and original new pop track. The music would fit in a playlist along the lines of recent electronic pop artists such as Ashnikko, Rei Ami and 070 Shake, but there’s something that makes it truly stand out. It’s the heavy use of experimentation. The build-up from a somber start makes the rest of this track hit so much harder, and there’s an extremely cinematic experience portrayed throughout. Vocally, LINKED works dynamically with softer and heavier sounds and different tones within her voice. She also builds vocal harmonies as part of the instrumentation with other vocals pushing to the forefront. ‘LINKED’ is a creatively crafted track with an ominous presence that deserves to be listened to and explored.

‘LINKED’ uses the concept of technology to tell a lyrical story of connection. As RHYME puts it “The incredible piece forms itself in 4 parts, representing the 4th Industrial revolution and 4 universal truths about love and living.” These sections are apparent due to the drastic shifts in music, lyrics and way the vocals are used within the music. It ties in the idea of being linked through the technological system and being linked with someone else. The latter idea comes from a connection RHYME made one summer that was so strong it felt like infinity. An attachment so powerful it feels like you’ve known the person forever and ingrains itself into your head. As the lyrics put it, “I can’t get you out of my … linked.”

RHYME is a Tokyo based artists making visual and audio creations with a basis in poetry and story-telling. This poeticism and story-driven aspect seem to extend through her lyricism and straight into the way her musicality is crafted. RHYME works with genres such as pop, spoken word, rock, electronic, experimental, and hip-hop. ‘LINKED’ was also made with ABSTRXKT whom RHYME met during some travels in NYC. ABSTRXKT is a music artist, songwriter, producer and designer from Virginia, and he’s made a name for himself as a producer in New York. RHYME works with an eclectic range of music which keeps fans on their toes for what might be coming next.

Written by Sage Plapp

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