“Can’t Allow” by Everything but the Everything ft Tobias Hawkins

Straight out of East Oakland comes Izzy The Gent, he’s a bay area music veteran that has been producing alternative new wave post punk. His project Everything But The Everything has gone from being just him to a more collaborative musical endeavor, “Can’t Allow” is one of his songs that he brought other musicians in to.

Izzy The Gent is the guitarist and the bassist of Everything but the Everything, on “Can’t Allow” he introduces vocalist Tobias Hawkins, drummer Landon Cisneros, and Bruce Withycombe on the sax. All of Everything but the Everything’s music is recorded and mixed by studio producer Rex Shelverton at Secret Studios in San Francisco.

“Can’t Allow” has a dark and emotional tone to it, Tobias’s clear vocals does an excellent job at making you feel the emotion in the song. When the chorus kicks in, there is a almost happy like tone that is introduced it makes you want to wiggle your booty and scream at the top of your lungs. “Can’t Allow” is the song you dance to under a red light.

The uniqueness of Everything but the Everything is what keeps listeners coming back for more, the variety of singers keeps the freshness of their music. “Can’t Allow” is their most popular song on Spotify and it is no question why. It truly is a post punk song with hints of new wave, the dark tone plus the need to dance is what this genre is all about.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Art Credits: Akeem Raheem




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