“Joana” by Nadia Moon

Who doesn’t like a good party? They’re freeing and chaotic. Strangers become friends, and everybody gets together to just have fun. Their allure is almost tangible. Nadia Moon, a singer based out of Brighton, United Kingdom captures their atmosphere phenomenally on her new release “Joana”. Powerful vocals dance gracefully over a cool rhythm section that supports their every movement.  Even when the groove is established and the melody is handed between instruments, vocals would command attention with their storytelling. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes closer to classic rock, the atmosphere was easy-going and helped set the mood. The thinning and thickening of the texture was awesome, it made the whole song unpredictable without ever feeling chaotic or out of control.

The delicate instrumentation suited Nadia Moon’s vocals perfectly. Rhythmic guitar and explorative piano lines would give just enough motion to fill the space between the harrowingly pretty vocal melodies. Although the texture wasn’t thick, it always sounded full. From the first verse through the last chorus, everything had an intensity that was encaptivating. When paired with the sultry lyrics, it painted a picture of those eerie parties perfectly.

Low energy or high, there was purpose behind every note. Not only did it keep me engaged, but dancing(head bobbing I suppose you could call it) along all throughout. Both the lead vocals and rhythm section adapted easily to whatever was happening around them. I highly recommend “Joana” and could spend literal days talking about the cool things going on in this song.

“Joana” by Nadia Moon can be found on any major streaming service


Written by Tyler Roberts





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