“I Need You Now” by Aaron Wiggins

The beauty of music is that it’s always evolving and with that, allowing a wider audience to be embraced by the wonders of it all. This especially rang true after listening to “I Need You Now” by Aaron Wiggins a few dozen times. This Virginia Beach native takes the idea of gospel music and delivers it with a lot of  contemporary vibes, it comes through as this inspired R&B moment that anyone who is a fan of soulful music can and will enjoy. 

Part of the beauty of “I Need You Now” comes from the wonderful lyrics. Aaron Wiggins wasn’t alone in putting these words down. He had help from the Los Angeles-based dynamo, Kayla Haydel AKA K. Symone. She has helped pen great things for everyone from Don Daville to BRE.Ish to actor/comedian Barry Brewer. Together they wrote this song and then Ben Thompson did his thing on the producing end. When it was all said and done, “I Need You Now” was set. 

When people hear gospel or Christian, their head can go to a time when that style of music was anything but modern, but artists like Aaron Wiggins have helped to push it into the here and now. On the surface, “I Need You Now” is just a great R&B track that makes you want to move about, but within the confines, there is a deeper message of devotion that those who turn to their faith will be able to appreciate. 

To hear more from Aaron Wiggins, make sure to check out “I Need You Now” and all the rest of his music, out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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