“Backseat Driver” by Weekend Punks

Weekend Punks sound nostalgic and relaxed on their new single “Backseat Driver”. Splashy drums and reverb-soaked guitars float along while easy-going vocals drift over top. Lyrics detail the doubts that naturally come with a relationship – because sometimes you just need reassurance that everything’s fine. Just needing that doesn’t diminish the good or the bad of the relationship, however. This duality was captured awesomely on this groovy new song.

The tone was playful and fun, sounding like it was coming from a close friend. I loved the occasional layering that would add depth and harmonies whenever used. Vulnerable lyricism kept the vibe serious without losing that easygoing tone. Verses floated into memorable chorus’ seamlessly – expanding the energy and keeping the song feeling fresh.

Although the tone was intimate, admitting fears and doubts, there was an almost air of apathy at points. Admitting that, yeah the relationship is nice, but their happiness doesn’t rely on one another. Instead, the go with the flow lyrics are cool with whatever is thrown their way. 

Powerful vocals were integral to the bands sound, but without the support of the rhythm section it wouldn’t have hit the same. Every moment of silence was filled tastefully by the strings or drums. They managed to never get in the way while always being present. Not only that, but instead of competing for the spotlight, they sounded perfectly content curating the groove and vibe overall. An absolutely awesome release, and a band you’re definitely going to want to keep on your radar.

“Backseat Driver” by Weekend Punks is available on all major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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