Uplifting, fun, calming, and nostalgic: Hyooman’s latest single, “Kid,” encompasses all these emotions. Minneapolis’s indie rock/pop band gives us extreme dreamy vibes with “Kid,” the first single off their upcoming album Pilot. The song begins with high-pitched, almost 80s sounding synths playing, right away giving an almost child-like innocence feeling to the track. Songwriter Leng Moua’s raspy voice comes in, talking about his past and childhood memories. 

“Kid” is a track that connects the lyrics to the listener right away because pretty much everyone has reminisced about memories before. Lyrics such as “Wanted to go back again when a house was a home” and “but now you’re alone” in Moua’s soft-spoken voice takes away from the more positive memories for a moment to hint at the melancholic feeling of growing up. “Kid” is guaranteed to hit your face with both happy and sad memories with this bittersweet indie tune: padded synths, heart-warming vocals, and simple guitars.

Hyooman consists of singer-songwriter Leng Moua (vocals, guitars), McCoy Seitz (drums, vocals), Tamara Alswager (guitar, vocals), Elise Bremer (keys, vocals), and Dillon Marchus (bass). The band tends to have bedroom pop vibes with the subtle use of instruments, dreamy guitars, and Moua’s grungy voice. “Kid” is the perfect mix of all Hyooman’s previous songs, with elements of indie pop, rock, and dream pop. 

An equally fuzzy-feeling music video accompanies “Kid.” The video has the same personal feeling as the song itself, all being recorded with a handheld camera. The footage was taken over the band’s process of making the album between 2020-2021 during the midst of quarantine, giving an introduction to their album.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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