‘She Took Your Heart and Ran’ by Carson Aday

We’ve all had loved ones in our lives walk away for one reason or another. Whether it be growing in a different direction, falling into an irreparable fight, or having a friend pull away for some darker reason, it happens. Carson Aday’s latest track ‘She Took Your Heart and Ran’ tackles this topic from the perspective of someone who lost a friend due to addiction. Specifically, someone who fell into a relationship that pulled them into a drug habit pulling them further and further away. It’s an extremely deep track that’s paired with skilled musicianship to portray its story in the right way.

Carson Aday finds the perfect mix of old and new in his latest track, ‘She Took Your Heart and Ran.’ Rock in the late 90s is mixed with more modern indie rock sounds to build an original track. The guitar is punchy, and there are tons of complicated lines pulled off smoothly. The guitar solo hits just right and delivers the perfect dynamics. The drums carry the energy with their energetic and fast-paced beats. The vocals are extremely crisp, and the belting is done with so much power. There’s a bit of a growl that Carson uses at times, which really adds to the emotion. The riffing is phenomenal, and the vocals are overall masterfully sung and produced.

She Took Your Heart and Ran is a track that comes from a deeply personal experience. “She Took Your Heart & Ran was written to my high school best friend who fell into a life of drug and alcohol addiction after he started dating a girl who was a bad influence on him,” Carson elaborates. It’s about the deep and dark experience of losing someone close to you due to addiction, an experience that far too many of us go through.Just knowing the story, the beginning of the track hits so much harder, “You say that you’re going away / But you left so long ago.” Though this friend has been there physically, addiction pulled them away far before. It’s deep, dark, and emotional in just the right ways.

Carson Aday is a Dallas-based indie rock artist with a long history in music. He started playing piano at a young age and was even nationally televised for his performances. Carson started creating the music he makes today in 2019 with 7 years of guitar experience and two years of performing on piano. His musical history truly shows in the music he creates. His main influences are cited as being Hippo Campus, The Backseat Lovers, The Strokes, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Carson Aday is currently working on the creation of his debut album, ‘Midnight on a Flower Moon.’

Written by Sage Plapp



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