‘Footsteps’ by Cath Courtley

There’s such a profoundness in the way we have an impact on others in our lives and they have an impact on us. This especially holds true in familial relationships, passing on features and biology alongside passing on the wisdom our young ones need to find their space in the world around them. From the true perspective of a mother, Cath Courtley passes on some of this wisdom in her debut single ‘Footsteps.’ This track is gorgeously played and produced, and the lyricism proves itself to be extremely deep and knowledge-filled.

‘Footsteps’ by Cath Courtley is such a well-crafted song. The key changes throughout deliver the perfect hit, and the vocals are smooth and full, but they also pull in a slight emotionally filled rasp at times. This track is slow-paced and absolutely chill with a bit of a somber atmosphere. The tempo of the song lets the drumbeat shine through, and the bass delivers the perfect punch with its moments of staccato. The guitar works with its darker and brighter ranges, and the opening line pulls the listener in perfectly.

Cath Courtley pulls in her personal experience of being a mother to create the lyrics for ‘Footsteps.’ It seems to also explore the impact that family ancestors have on their future generations, even when they’re gone. As the lyrics state, “Every stone leaves a ripple … Every action leaves a trace” It has lots of deep knowledge to say to the younger generations that could help them walk through life. It snapshots the passion of a mother’s love for her child and the fears she has as they have to grow and face the world around them. It’s deep, personal, and tells an important message.

Cath Courtley is an East Kent-based solo musician. She’s been creating music since she was young, starting with piano and then teaching herself guitar at 15. From there she studied at the University of Birmingham and then created her band the Vanderbilts while in London. When Cath had a child, she wasn’t sure how music would find its balance in her life. She found that music would find its place after meeting producer and songwriter Ben Matravers. The two ended up working on music together and creating an array of songs together, ‘Footsteps’ being one of them. This is Cath Courtley’s first official single, and it’s exciting to know that she has much more in store.

Written by Sage Plapp





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