Somewhere in the heart of Bowling Green, Ohio is a man who goes by the name of Fang Su. With only his imagination, drums, keyboards, and drive he creates an array of sounds from beats to emotional Japanese-inspired tales, like with his 2021 single, “Akira.” 

Anyone with any basic knowledge of Japanese music can instantly tell where the foundation for “Akira” comes from. Musical moments that take you to the streets of Japan, or for those of us who have just been there via film – scenes from some of our favorite movies set in the land of the rising sun. There is an elegance to what Fang Su has done here, but he’s also found a way of taking the traditional and intertwining his affection for modern sounds and made it work in this east meets west track that’ll tickle the fancy of a variety of music fans out there. 

“Akira” isn’t the only thing Fang Su has going on this year. 2021 saw the release of his debut single, “Death’s Melody.” That was followed by a couple of more releases, including our new favorite song we featured here today, “Akira.” That trio of tracks was then followed up by Fang Su’s debut EP, ‘Disparate.’ The EP features four new tracks including “Voodoo Soup” and “It Ends.” All of Fang Su’s music is written and produced by him in the DIY style in the comfort of his bedroom. Impressive? We’d say so. 

For those interested in hearing more from Fang Su, make sure to check out all of his music on all major music and streaming platforms now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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