“Sparks” by CATALYSTS

CATALYSTS’ brand-new EP ‘Sparks’ shows the South Wales band in all their glory, with addictive hooks and sweltering riffs across all 6 songs. Smothered in passion and strong song writing, ‘Sparks’ marks CATALYSTS as a band to watch out for.

‘Sparks’ has the groups previous five singles and also CATALYSTS’ latest single and EP’s titular track ‘Sparks’. Imagine an alternative 2000’s rock ballad meets ‘Snow Patrol’ in the best way possible. Craig O’Connor’s guitar playing throughout the verses adds a subtle intensity to the track and Haitham Alharden’s drumming alongside Paul Owen’s bass creates a well-rounded rhythm section. David Challenger wrote the lyrics and provided the vocals for this track after hearing the music created by the band.

Funnily enough, CATALYSTS shares a brief connection with fellow Wales band ‘Bring Me The Horizon’. Elliot Blake, the rhythm guitarist tells the story:

‘Some mouthy little kid came to watch an old band Elliot & Dave was in (The Kennedy Soundtrack) at Sheffield’s Round House. He kept going on about how his band would be bigger than them and every other band… Turned out he was right; it was Ollie Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon.’

‘Sparks’ was released on November 5th on Dharma Records and is chock full of emotive and well written tracks from ‘Ultimate Warrior III’s relentless energy to ‘Alive’s amazing opening bass riff. With this EP out in the world the band are already looking forward to getting back in the studio.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman







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