“Strange Days” by Pale Moon

Icelandic/Russian duo are in the midst of releasing their much-anticipated debut album and thankfully they’ve given us a few singles to make the wait a little easier. Their latest single ‘Strange Days’ is a ballad composed of slick indie riffs and dreamy fun.

The duo consists of Árni Gudjonsson and Natalia Sushchenko, indie rockers influenced by the likes of Billy Joel, Beach Boys and David Bowie. Their new track, though reminiscent of The Shins or Fleetwood Mac, is chock full of all the sounds that make Pale Moon so unique.

Amazingly, Árni was a member of ‘Of Monsters and Men’, one of the biggest bands to hail from Iceland. Despite this overwhelming success, Árni stayed true to his creative vision and continued making his own material. It wasn’t until he met Nata, however, who was in the midst of pursuing a career in design, that ‘Pale Moon’ could be formed and Árni’s vision could be realized.

Despite only releasing an EP and a few singles, the band has received a massive amount of support from the media, radio plays in particular. Indie blogs and online magazines couldn’t get enough of them and their captivating sound.

‘Strange Days’ is like an 80’s daydream of a summer’s day. It’s bright and fun, with an irresistible charm brought upon by Nata’s groovy vocal performance. The chorus is catchy and filled with all the right hooks. Match it with dreamy guitars laying the tracks foundation and you’ve got the absolute banger that is ‘Strange Days’.

Keep an ear out for Pale Moon’s upcoming LP.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman






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