SATE describes herself as a cosmic being that governs her life through astrology, numerology, tarot and a spiritual connection to her surroundings and today. Her new album “The Fool” is connected to her love for the Tarot and is named after the hero of the Tarot deck, the fool. She wants this album to be an anthem for anyone who has dared to dream and work towards their greatest self.

“The Fool” is the second album from the gritty Canadian punk artist. SATE is making the biggest of waves, not only is she a woman in rock, she is a black woman in rock. She has been jumping over the biggest hurdles to achieve the even bigger goals, with over 25,000 Spotify listeners it is clear that she found a way to beat the system.

With songs such as “Nobody” and “Howler” it is no wonder why people are flocking to SATE. “Nobody” instantly brings you in with the scream of a life time and “Howler” keeps you hooked with SATES beautiful howling. In her short film (which you can watch below) she shows a visually creative side, in addition to that all artwork for the album and singles were all done by SATE herself.

The short film SATE has made for “The Fool” is one you don’t want to miss. The video had such professionalism, it made you think and question reality for a split minute and it the midst of that she still managed to make you laugh. It’s always a good time when a neighbor screams at you to turn your music down, only for them to walk away in a huff because they realized that you will do the exact opposite.

You can’t ever go wrong when you support a woman of color in rock, SATE is not someone you want to miss out on, you will regret not letting her music bless your ears.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Richard Ashman




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