‘Warzone’ by King Dev ft. Super Saiyan Jay

There’s nothing better than a music artist with a diverse and exciting sound. It builds excitement for every new release, never knowing quite what you’ll get. Florida-based rapper King Dev has a discography that shows this perfectly. This range also benefits from his collaborations, as he brings in different sounds with each artist he works with. King Dev adds to his musical range with his latest track ‘Warzone.’ It’s an absolute banger that goes hard in both its bars and lyricsism.

‘Warzone,’is yet another track by King Dev that displays his eclectic musicianship. In it he collaborates with Super Saiyan Jay, and their music meshes together cleanly to create an original track from both influences. The brighter synth tones pull in a spooky sound heard in many of the tracks from King Dev’s EP D.E.V. Tape, but there’s more of a raw sound in its production. The mix of the trap drums and darker bass goes extremely hard, and the rap bars have just the right amount of aggression behind them. ‘Warzone’ is a chaotic banger that you don’t want to miss out on.

The lyrics in ‘Warzone’ hit with just the right amount of morbidity and charisma, perfect for the horror inspired instrumentation. “Don’t play with the demon / Get slayed by the beast / Leave your ass dead in the street,” gives a glimpse into a bit of this darker lyrics. It does a great job at telling a story of being caught in the quick pace and danger of the streetlife. As King Dev describes, it’s about “Short comings pushed by high ran emotions.” The lyrics in the track hit the same aggressive bar the vocals do, and that adds a lot to the it’s sound and energy.

King Dev is a Florida-based rap artist who works with a dynamic range of hip-hop styles. He pulls in sounds from modern rap and more nostalgic rap, and that brings a lot to his discography. He has a focus on collaboration throughout his discography, and he was able to work with Super Saiyan Jay on ‘Warzone,’ a close friend he’s worked with in the past. King Dev is ready to jump into live performance once the world is safer from Covid, but he’s been able to drop tons of tracks since his first EP, ‘Greatest Combination,’ in 2019.

Written by Sage Plapp




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