“DIG!” by this HOLY rodeo!

this HOLY rodeo! is a four piece band from New York City. They have a unique and very descriptive way of describing themselves, the band features the talents of internationally-awarded composer Alan Arefyev on guitar, keyboard, production, accordion, clarinet, kaval, and backup vocals, the unrelenting thumpy rhythms of bassist Mario Marques, the dashing and technical prowess of Gaetano Lardieri on drums and beat-making, and the boyish, wounded animal vocals, jazz piano, and jittery guitar playing of Chris Harth.

The group that calls themselves “a performance art circus of accessible art-punk” has just put out their debut single “DIG!” and you won’t want to miss out on hearing it. The experimental tones of the group already have them gaining fans quickly with over 200 listeners on Spotify, despite the fact that “DIG!” was released just two weeks ago.

To describe their music, you have to listen to it first…it’s almost as if they have changed what music sounds like but yet has kept it the same. Most of you have heard plenty of experimental songs before but this HOLY rodeo! takes it to the next level.

Sometimes in punk music or even just music in general, it’s easy for the songs to kind of blur together, you get the exact opposite when you listen to this HOLY rodeo!…nothing can match the uniqueness of their sound. When you listen to them, they make you feel something different. They may be new to the scene and “DIG!” may be their first single but once you hear them you will be itching for more of their music.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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