Australian alt-electro-rock multi instrumentalist and vocalist DAMIEN has just released their second single “Human”. According to them “Human” is inspired by the spiritualist idea that there is something uniquely sacred and divine about our humanity, and that the truly human experience is one in which we come to grow in compassion, love, empathy and unity towards one another.

DAMIEN has created a unique song with “Human”, the staticky post punk vibe will entice any punk rocker out there. According to DAMIEN they have quickly become recognized as an artist hell bent on causing a musical shift that disrupts toxic social structures and urges humanity towards greater love and compassion for one another.

His vocals plus the darkness of “Human” makes you feel like you are back in the 80s at an underground night club with tiled floors and only a red strobing light. The whole crowd is full of weirdos like you, dressed in all black and having the night of their lives.

“Human” will be added to your “dark vibes” playlist and is perfect for when you are just feeling kind moody and somber. DAMIEN is truly making waves by creating music that hasn’t be done and is hard to copy. Music like that sticks around for generations.

While this may be their second single and they are new to the scene, DAMIEN is pushing the boundaries of music. They are non-binary artist who aims to push against mainstream conventions with post punk political commentaries. You won’t regret listening to their music.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Miss J Photography




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