“Gotta Be More Than This” by Tayiha

Nobody ever actually defines love or tells you what love looks like; you only ever hear about how great or not great it can be. For most,  being in love comes as a surprise, welcome or not. Because of this, most people don’t know what to expect and set expectations either too low or too high. Tayiha easily dives into the brutal honesty of realizing her expectations were too low on her catchy new song. “Gotta Be More Than This”. Fed up with empty promises, the quizzical lyrics are gentle yet confident. Although the theme isn’t uplifting, the song itself is easy to listen to and optimistic. Through the memorable melodies and intimate lyricism, “Gotta Be More Than This” is both entertaining and enjoyable.

All it takes is one listen to the chorus for it to keep ringing in your ears for the rest of the day. Easy harmonies move between the lead vocals and the delicate instrumental. Drawing influence from both the traditionality of piano as well as modern electronics. Drums play a big part in giving the chorus’ their energy, but despite their heaviness they never really feel heavy so to speak. They blend into the instrumental phenomenally, giving Tayiha the support needed for her incredible presence.

“Gotta Be More Than This” is catchy and easy to listen to despite the melancholy elements. In fact, the underlying vibe seems to bolster the energy and turn the song into something unforgettable. An absolute killer song, and a great example of Tayiha’s prowess behind a microphone. 

“Gotta Be More Than This” is available on all major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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