“No You Won’t” by Split Persona

Nevada rock band Split Persona’s single “No You Won’t” perfectly captures the moods associated with breakups. Relationships, in general, are hard. But when they’re broken and bound to end, it’s harder accepting that reality and going through with it. But soon, everything becomes clearer and you begin to see the reasons why. 

“No You Won’t” consists of personal lyrics and enables the audience to connect with the song, despite whether or not they’ve actually had a broken relationship. But when lyrics are personal and hold emotion, a listener can understand what the writer feels. 

On top of that, the single has a strong instrumental presence that enhances the emotions of the song. The thrashing of instruments expresses the rage and sadness that comes from being in a broken relationship. Even though the instruments have a broad sound, they don’t become overbearing to where the audience can’t enjoy the lyrics and vocals — the blend is immaculate!

While the instruments and vocals work well together, the percussion playing against the other instruments is absolute perfection. It adds dynamic. 

The guitar melodies and harmonies in the piece make the song even more enjoyable by adding some color to the dark tone.

Split Persona is an amazing band the world should watch out for — the band allowed listeners to catch a glimpse of their softer side with this piece, and that says a lot about them. Hopefully, the band keeps blessing us with their talent and keeps rocking. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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