“Is It Ok” by Honey&Eve

German pop duo Honey&Eve’s latest single “Is It Ok,” which consists of two versions: the original and cinematic, explores the themes of toxic relationships and abuse. Being such sensitive and difficult topics, the duo achieves raising awareness on both issues, while showcasing the emotional and physical impact through their musical talents and music video.

From the percussion to the orchestra section, “Is It Ok” is an extremely cinematic track with excellent dynamics that contribute to the intense emotions in the song. Ironically, while the song does have a powerful and strong sound, the female lead vocals are softer and more elegant. The orchestral parts are breathtaking, especially during the second verse when “And I stopped to inhale” is sung and a violin run catches you by surprise. 

The music video is flawless! If you weren’t able to capture the song’s message by listening, then watching the music video will help you gain some perspective. I love how the duo decided to combine their music with visuals because now their listeners can understand what the message is. 

According to the duo, their goal is to create cinematic music to have their work included in movies, which is perfect considering “Is It Ok” and their previous work is proof that they know how to capture that needed dramatic flair.  There’s no doubt that the duo will succeed along their music journey as they continue to inspire other people and we hope to hear more from them.

Written by Taylor Berry

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