“Feels Like Home” by Enrose

It’s easy to view challenges as what they are, but, in reality, challenges make you not break you — similar to a home. NYC-based group Enrose teaches this valuable lesson in their song “Feels Like Home,” a moving piece full of beauty and soul. 

The track is very humble and intimate, with just a piano and the lead vocalist. From beginning to end, you’re enticed by the legato feel of the song and it’s beautiful how well the piano and vocals blend perfectly. The entire song is in storytelling mode but you don’t want the story to be over. You want the singer to keep singing and the pianist to keep playing.

While the piano was absolutely flawless, it’s a must to say that the lead female vocals are mesmerizing. The soulful vocals grasp your attention and you’re left hanging on to every word and note. 

Many people would mistakenly think this piece was sad but a good thing to note is that good things come from bad. Making mistakes enables you to learn from them and do better the next time. Eventually, you start to realize that those mistakes and challenges make you who you are. 

“Feels Like Home” is such a beautiful piece and the group’s first stripped-down release. As the group continues on their music journey, they will undoubtedly touch the lives of many people they encounter or that encounter their music. Either way, we can’t wait to see how far the group goes.

Written by Taylor Berry

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